Physics with Vernier

35 Experimenten over mechanica, geluid, licht, elektriciteit en magnetisme.

Dit handboek met zeer variërende experimenten gebruikt een -tal sensoren. Bekijk alle sensoren en bijhorende sample-experimenten bij details. Bij dit handboek worden alle documenten voor practica digitaal meegeleverd zodat u zelf eventuele aanpassingen kan doen via uw tekstverwerker.

Biology with Vernier

Both books have 31 experiments in cell respiration, photosynthesis, membrane diffusion, osmosis, human physiology, transpiration, fermentation, and other important biology concepts. The complete table of contents is shown below. Experiments are included for 12 Vernier biology sensors. This book supports seven AP Biology lab activities.

Chemistry with Vernier

Both books more than 30 experiments in thermochemistry, gas laws, acid-base reactions, equilibrium, electrochemistry, electrolytes, states of matter, and more. Experiments are included for the Gas Pressure Sensor, Temperature Probe, pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, Colorimeter, and Voltage Probe.

Water Quality with Vernier

Both books contain 16 water quality tests, including pH, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, BOD, flow rate, turbidity, nitrates, and phosphates. All nine tests in the Water Quality Index (WQI) are supported. Each book has water quality tests for eleven Vernier water quality sensors. The complete list of tests is shown below

Earth Science with Vernier

Both books contain 33 experiments in the subjects of geology, meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, energy, water quality, and soil quality. The complete table of contents by sensor is listed below. Integrating data-collection technology into your Earth Science courses is now easier than ever.

Real-world Math with CBL2 and LabPro

Real-World Math with CBL 2™ and LabPro contains 31 activities that explore real-world applications of math concepts using TI Graphing Calculators.

Concepts from algebra through calculus are covered. Activities cover a wide variety of topics, including linear, quadratic, and periodic functions, statistics, systems of equations, and many more. A variety of sensors are used, including motion detectors, temperature sensors, force sensors, microphones, etc.

Physical Science with Vernier

This book contains 40 ready-to-use experiments for physical science (middle school through grade 10). The complete table of contents is shown below. Experiments are included for 12 Vernier physical science sensors in chemistry and physics. These experiments are perfect for introductory physical science and integrated science classes!

Middle School Science with Vernier

This book is written specifically for students in grades 6-8. It contains 37 experiments in earth science, life science, and physical science, making use of ten different Vernier middle school sensors. The complete table of contents by sensor is listed below. Your students will really enjoy doing these well-written and well-tested science experiments!

Human Physiology with Vernier

Human Physiology with Vernier contains 24 human physiology experiments for use with Vernier LabPro and Logger Pro 3.4. The experiments are designed to encourage students to think about the physiology of various human organ systems by measuring the activity of the upper respiratory tract, the lungs, the heart, the nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system. Homeostasis is an underlying theme, and several experiments illustrate the response of the human body to stress or external influences. The complete table of contents is shown below.